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Finance Options: Customized. Flexible. Solutions.

Raymond of New Jersey Parts and Service

Raymond of New Jersey, LLC offers a range of financial programs to suit your needs.

Raymond of New Jersey, LLC’s goal is to enable you to purchase, rent and lease the right lift trucks and associated material handling storage products and services that meet your specific supply chain and operational needs.

As your trusted partner, we work closely with you to acquire the financing packages that best suit your budget. Customized, flexible and convenient, Raymond of New Jersey, LLC will go above and beyond to become your single source to outfit your facility and get the job done right.

For more information about our pre-owned vehicles, please call (908) 624-9570 or contact us today.

Our financing options include:

Lease Payment Calculator

Capital Lease

All the benefits of ownership without requiring the large cash outlay. Terms of up to 7 years are available with fixed monthly payments and a nominal $1 purchase option at lease maturity.

Operating Lease

Fully deductible and offered with or without purchase options at lease maturity, terms of up to 7 years with fixed monthly payments allowing for low possible acquisition costs.

Full Maintenance Lease

The ultimate plan for determining and budgeting exactly what equipment usage and maintenance costs will be for the full term of the agreement - with one fixed, pre-determined monthly payment.

Master Lease

A hassle-free means of adding future equipment acquisitions to an existing financial agreement with terms, payment plans and tax treatment all tailored to specific customer requirements.

Flexible Usage Plan

Builds maximum flexibility into the financing agreement so the quantities and types of trucks included in the package are allowed to change as your requirements evolve.


Allows you to earn monthly credits that are applied toward purchasing trucks when the full rental term is reached. Designed to satisfy the needs of organizations that clearly have a long-term need for additional equipment and desire to gain equity in the truck, yet cannot commit to a formal, long-term financial obligation.

For more information about our finance and leasing options, please contact us today.